Join us as we drive around the beautiful Philippines – from the buzzing streets of Manila all the way to the serene shores of Tawi Tawi. Imagine sipping on fresh coconut water in Tagaytay, diving into the clear waters of Batangas,¬† witnessing a local festival in Iloilo, and catching sunsets you won’t believe in Zamboanga del Norte. That’s just a slice of what’s in store! This isn’t just any tour; it’s a journey packed with local secrets, amazing food, and unforgettable memories. Pack your bags, grab your shades, and let’s hit the road!


Manila is a pulsating heart where past meets present. From the historical Fort Santiago in Intramuros to the contemporary art galleries in Makati, Don’t forget to savor the evening atmosphere along Roxas Boulevard with its iconic Manila Bay sunset.


 Tagaytay boasts the spellbinding Taal Volcano. Wander through themed gardens like the Puzzle Mansion or indulge in a spa day amidst nature. And of course, enjoy a steaming bowl of Bulalo while soaking in the scenic views.


Batangas is a coastal delight! From the diving haven of Anilao to the heritage-rich Taal town, there’s a balance of relaxation and adventure. Explore the old Spanish houses, sail in traditional bancas, and treat your taste buds to lomi, a local noodle delicacy.


Antique offers an authentic slice of the Philippines. Feel the rush as you river-tube down Bugang River or visit the rice terraces of General Fullon. Nogas Island, with its lighthouse and shoreline, is a dream for every beach lover.


Iloilo seamlessly blends urban and rural charm. Its Spanish-era churches are masterpieces, and the Iloilo River Esplanade is a serene spot to unwind. But the heart of the city? Its food! From La Paz Batchoy to fresh seafood, it’s a gastronomic delight.


Bais City offers more than the breathtaking Manjuyod Sandbar. Experience up-close encounters with playful dolphins and head to the mangrove forests for a serene boat ride. The city’s old houses, reminiscent of Spanish architecture, add to its charm.


Dipolog and Dapitan, the main cities, are brimming with history and natural attractions. Visit Rizal’s exile home, explore the Sungkilaw Falls, or simply savor the region’s rich seafood by the coast.


A mosaic of culture and nature, Basilan remains a hidden gem. The island is rich in waterfalls, caves, and mountains waiting to be explored. Experience the Yakan village with its colorful weaving traditions and immerse yourself in their vibrant culture.

Tawi Tawi

This chain of islands near Borneo is rich in marine life and traditions. Visit the stilt houses of the Bajau community in Sitangkai, marvel at the panoramic views atop Bud Bongao, and witness the serenity of the Mosques, including the historic Sheik Karimol Makdum Mosque.

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